We take you where you want to go.

The Team was founded on a simple idea: deliver howling good ideas that put Clients in the winner’s circle. Today, it’s pretty much the same goal but with cool, modern tools to unleash on your business. You’re the Musher. We’re the Ad Dogs. It’s our job to take you where you want to go—as safe, fast and efficient as possible.

With more than a quarter-century in business, we’ve gained invaluable experience and expertise. However, one of our biggest strengths is the external team we’ve built up—our unique network of professionals we add to efforts as needed. These critical partners run the gamut from creative execution to campaign delivery, and they let us pull together the best team for each Client’s business.

The Ad Dogs were raised on traditional brand strategy and media, so we know the value of standing out in a crowded landscape. We’ve also embraced the digital world from day one and now offer a unique combination of nimble, creative, cutting-edge capabilities. We start with a simple program that delivers immediate Client benefits and lays the groundwork for a productive long-term relationship.

Clean data.
Clear advantages.

Clean data.

Construct a secure, accurate and actionable customer “data lake.”

Clear ROI.

Capitalize on new profit centers with fully-managed core campaigns.

Cool ideas.

Create audience segments and advantages with à la carte ad campaigns.

One of the biggest issues for any business is the quality of its customer data. Frankly, it’s generally a mess. And very little can be done well with messy data. The good news? We know how to clean it up and build a crystal clear “data lake” to store your most valuable digital asset. Then we use it to generate meaningful value and revenue.

The even better news is our core program includes a few campaigns to hit the ground running. These critical efforts are often the “blocking & tackling” that ensure we maximize what’s right in front of our noses. We’ll even show you what we help generate down to the penny. From there, we can keep you on autopilot or serve up a host of à la carte advertising ideas that capitalize on your new resource—clean customer data!

Let’s face it, dogs love cars. We’re no different. The Team’s leadership is fully versed in modern marketing for dealerships and groups, having helped launch one of today’s leading automotive SaaS platforms. We’ve worked with all types of media, agencies, tech companies and other resellers to grow their digital/social advertising revenue, oftentimes from scratch.

The Team helps businesses restart from a position of strength built on clean, actionable customer libraries. Once core campaigns are running smooth, we’ll start sniffing out other opportunities to maximize revenue for your entire business.

We also have a great track record of success in housing, medical and recreation—plus a host of other client stints and categories over the years, including B2B and international assignments. There’s little we haven’t seen or that will throw us off course.

Hitch up The Team and let’s get running!