PGA Tour – Price Cutter Charity Championship

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Assignment: Devise a multi-media campaign encouraging golf fans and others to experience the tournament and festivities, and help raise funds for local children’s charities.

Positioning: Sanctioned by the PGA, this tournament offers the chance to witness golf at a level of play approaching that of the PGA Tour. Some currently successful PGA pros have appeared in this tournament in years past; fans can therefore expect to see players who could be “the next big thing” in professional golf—at the same time they’re having a good time for a good cause.


– BUY.COM Tour features players who are playing at a level only a few strokes away from the big time.

– Fans can witness several days of near-PGA level golf in a beautiful nearby setting (Highland Springs Country Club). It could be a chance to see “who’s next” in the PGA right before they break in.

– Festivities include numerous peripheral events, including pro-am tourneys, parties, music, food, etc.

– Charities achieve a big part of their annual fund-raising during the tournament and associated promotions.

Comm. Objective: Raise awareness of the tournament and its charitable nature—and sell tickets.

Main Idea: Witness the next “class” of PGA pros right here in the Ozarks, and support local children’s charities while you enjoy the fun.

Reasons Why:

– Rare chance to see very-high-quality play firsthand.

– Fun outdoor events with a festive atmosphere.

– The good feeling of helping raise funds for children’s charities here at home.

Tone/Manner: Fun. Promotional. Responsible. One for the record books.


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