HAGS Recreational Equipment

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Assignment: Use Miracle Recreation Equipment Company’s strong rep network and established marketing channels to introduce HAGS park and play equipment, formerly an exclusively Swedish brand promoted primarily in Europe, to the U.S. market. Stimulate sales through new HAGS marketing materials including product catalogs, brochures, and sale flyers.

Positioning: Imagination, innovation, and the best of European engineering make HAGS play equipment a uniquely fresh and engaging addition to your American playground.

Considerations: PlayPower, Inc. (parent company of Miracle Recreation) acquired the Swedish company HAGS, and established HAGS Play USA to bring the brand to the U.S. playground equipment market. HAGS play equipment offered ideas and options previously unavailable or at least unknown to U.S. customers. These exclusive designs provided planners an opportunity to set their playgrounds apart from more conventional installations, while taking advantage of the high quality and enhanced play value of HAGS equipment. Miracle Recreation’s large, nationwide network of representatives allowed the marketing effort to be carried directly to a diverse audience of potential playground buyers.

Comm. Objective: Introduce the benefits of choosing the HAGS brand to American playground buyers, thereby translating and updating the brand’s quality European image to prompt sales in the new market.

Main Idea: You can achieve unique heights in play value and aesthetics by choosing the unparalleled quality and innovation of European-style play equipment from HAGS Play USA.

Reasons Why: Only HAGS Play USA can provide this innovative play equipment

– Tall, elegant playsystem designs

– Imaginative, challenging motion equipment

– Distinctive European styling

– Simply unique visual and play appeal

Tone/Manner: Bright. Intriguing. Playful. Safe, friendly, and inviting.


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