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Assignment: Develop point-of-sale materials for promoting sales of collectible Coca-Cola tumblers through a marketing partnership with the Springfield Cardinals and local Hardee’s® stores.

Positioning: Coca-Cola, the Springfield Cardinals, and Hardee’s team up to share the best in summer fun and refreshment with fans in the Ozarks.

Considerations: We had the opportunity to capitalize on the appeal of the Cardinals’ mascots, Louie and Fetch, in custom illustrations tailored for use on counter cards, hanging signs, electrostatic window displays, drivethrough lane signs, cup displays, “fan wave” cards, buttons, and stickers, all of which were coordinated by The Team for design, production, and installation in 36 Hardee’s stores in the Joplin, Springfield, Lake Ozark, and Lebanon markets. Additional displays appeared in convenience stores throughout the region.

Comm. Objective: Promote and reinforce the brand partnership, while engaging consumers through the offer of an attractive collectible tumbler.

Main Idea: Enjoy summer fun and refreshment with Coca-Cola, the Springfield Cardinals, and Hardee’s, and keep the memories of the good times handy with your own collectible tumbler.

Reasons Why:

– Coca-Cola is the world’s most popular refreshment

– The Springfield Cardinals provide the classic ballpark experience

– Fans can get their food and fun together at Hardee’s

– The collectible tumbler is a cool, functional reminder of summer fun

Tone/Manner: Fun. Urgent. All-American. Classic. Kid-friendly.


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